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Silk Screened Love Story Posters.
On Sale!

A love story told in song titles. Silk screened versions of our 1960s, 70s and 80s posters.

Love story poster

Make the Logo Smaller.

Wear it to the big meeting. The battle cry of art directors and designers the world over is one of our biggest sellers.

Make the Logo Smaller


Sans what? They'll ask. Still one of our most popular shirts. With a meaning far beyond the typographic.

The ten commandments of George Lois.

Words of wisdom from George Lois.

Check out our Great Ideas and Creative Act t-shirts and mugs with the legendary ad man's quotes.

The ten commandments of George Lois.

Full Color Love Story Posters on Sale!

Color versions of our Love Story posters are on sale for just $12.99 or all 3 for $33.99. Choose from the '60s, '70s or '80s.

Love Story posters on sale

Win a free tee every week.

Just post a link online for TypographyShop and enter here. Every Friday we give away a free t-shirt or poster.

I Love Typography a-z

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